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Notification of changes to the entry method for the Workstation area (trial)

Starting in July 1st, as a trial, the entry method for the workstation area
on the first floor of the library, where the Information Media Center's
student-use PCs and large-sized printers are located, will be changed
so that entry and exit will be possible without ID card authentication
during the opening hours listed below.

■Opening hours
  Weekdays 9:00-16:50 [trial] *Opening hours are subject to change.

・ You can enter and exit without ID card authentication.
・ Even if you enter and use the library during opening hours, you will
need to touch the IC card reader to re-enter if you wish to continue using the workstation area after 16:50.
・ Please bring your ID card (student ID card / staff ID card).
・ Students who have not taken (passed) the library guidance course
must leave by 16:50 from this room.

■Outside opening hours
・ As before, only students who have taken the library guidance course and
passed the small test can enter outside opening hours.
・ Faculty and staff can enter even if they have not taken the library guidance course.
・ ID card authentication is required when entering. Please touch your ID
card (student ID / staff ID) to the IC card reader one by one and enter your
PIN code to enter the workstation area.
・ If you have forgotten your PIN code or are unsure whether you have taken
(passed) the library guidance, please ask at the counter between 9:00 and 17:00
on weekdays.

(Reference) Library Guidance

・ Eating and drinking are prohibited in the workstation area.
If you have food or drinks, please put them in your bag or leave them at the counter.
Lockers (100 yen coin return type) are available in the library. Please use them as well.
・ Please observe etiquette and do not talk loudly or leave your belongings
unattended so as not to disturb other users.

■Other information
・ If the the workstation area is crowded, please use the other terminal rooms
in the Information Media Center.
Printing from the student-use PCs can be done from any printer in the terminal rooms.
・ The printers (multifunction machines) in the workstation area are for printing only.
Printing from the student-use PCs and direct printing from USB is possible.
There are no scan or copy functions.

(Reference) Information Media Center website:
Opening Hours・Time Schedule of Classes / Instruction manual for student-use PCs