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4月~平日9:00-20:00開館 附属図書館の開館時間

■変更前■  開館時間 平日  9:00-20:00  
            土曜 13:00-17:00
日・祝 休館
■変更後■  開館時間 平日  9:00-20:00
            土曜・日・祝  休館



In 2023, we will be closed on Saturdays.
■Opening hours before change■ Weekday  9:00-20:00
Sunday  13:00-17:00
Sunday, Holiday closed
■Opening hours after change■ Weekday  9:00-20:00
Sunday, Sunday, Holiday  Closed

【To On-campus members】
* ”Unmanned opening” after opening hours will continue as usual.During unmanned opening:
*You can enter the 1st floor with your student or faculty ID card.
* To enter the library area on the 2nd and 3rd floors, you need to take the "Library Guidance".
If you have not taken the guidance, please take it to improve convenience.
(About "Library Guidance")

*”Unmanned opening” is only for On-campus members.